Dear Friends,
Up to this point I have been loading all the photo's from my time here onto my facebook account. However several of my friends who do not use facebook have asked me to start a gallery in another location that they could have access. Therefore, I have started a flickr account for just this reason. I have uploaded alot of recent photos there with prayer requests in the desriptions beneath the photos. Sort of a photo prayer journal if you will. Anyway please check out the site. It's Because flickr allows only a limited amount of photos to be uploaded every month, I will continue to post new pictures monthly as I work my way through my photo library.


Japan Newsletter - May 31, 2010

Dear friends,

I am sorry for this time of silence from me. It was a difficult time for me for a while. I was really struggling with God about something and alot of work had to be done in my heart before I could finally be brought to a place of submission before Him about it. And now that I am on the other side of all this, I really want to share what has been happening with you all.

For the last few months, I have been searching for God's will about my ministry in this country. Up to this point, I have been serving in the ministries that others have been called to. It has been an amazing experience for me to help with those ministries, and God has done alot of work through it. But I still have been thirsty for God's specific purpose for me here, the reason He brought me to Japan. So I went to the bible in search of God's answer for me. In my searching of the scriptures, God lead me to Luke 2: 41-52. There we read about Jesus' visit to the temple as a young man. We aren't really given alot of information about Jesus before the beginning of His ministry. We know about His birth, his infant blessing at the temple, and this second time He went to the temple when He was about twelve of thirteen. The time in Jewish culture when the boy became a man. And we find Him in this time doing what? Asking questions and listening the the answers, studying the scriptures. And then verse 52 sums up the next eighteen years of His Life by saying "Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and Men". For eighteen years. And then I started to understand. He was preparing for His ministry. Increasing in Wisdom, growing in favor with God and His relationship to the Father. For a ministry that lasted three years Jesus prepared and equipped Himself for eighteen. In that time, God spoke to me. He made me to understand that He had a ministry for me in the future and that this was not a time for me to wait for it but a time for me to be equipped for it. And that I could not be prepared for it in this place. In that time He told me that I needed to go to bible college. More specifically to the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Okinawa, Japan. There I could study the bible, study Japanese, be discipled, and be given the opportunity maintain the ministry towards the Japanese people to whom I feel called.

But at the time I rebeled against the idea. I was angry with God. He had brought me out of my home and away from my family and placed me here. And now that this place had become my home and this church body my family, He wanted me to leave. So I ignored Him and tried not to think about it. But everyday, God was working in my heart and finally brought me to a place of submission to Him again. I said to Him that I would listen. But I asked Him for a sign. Then, about a week ago, Pastor Hirano here at the church told me that if I was looking for my life's ministry here in Japan, I needed to build up my foundations, and he said that I couldn't find what I needed here at this church. Then the same day, without knowing what Hirano had said. Jeremiah had coffee with me and told me that three months ago, He had been thinking about me and what I would do when He leaves here and heads to Kagoshima and praying, and God brought Okinawa to his mind.

I feel like I understand God's heart for me now. I have dedicated myself to being His tool in this country for the rest of my life. But I am still a dull and crude tool. I want to be sharpened. I want to be refined. I want be of the most use that I can be to Him in this place. I want to be equipped for my ministry. And I feel as though the bible college there is the best for me and what God wants for me. So, God willing, I wish to start there this September. I have already contacted the director of the school, Pastor Tommy Ruiz, (who I have served with previously for a short time) and he said that they will be pleased to have me and sent me the application.

Also I have spoken to the missions board there, and they are supportive as well about this new direction of my ministry. It is deffinately going to be a different place to minister in. The culture of Tokyo and Okinawa is very different. Almost like comparing New York to Hawaii. But I hear the people are kind and like to talk alot so it feels like it is going to be an interesting place to minister, outreach, and learn. Please be praying for me about the langauge situation though. I have, through the grace of God, become fairly good at speaking Japanese here in Tokyo. But, even though what I am learning is the national dialect that everyone all over Japan understands, it is not the dialect that is spoken all over Japan. Don't get me wrong, it is not like China or India in which every region has practically a different language. But every prefecture is just a little different in how they express themselves, and for someone to whom Japanese is a second langauge it can be difficult. Like someone learning english in California and then going to Texas. So please be praying for me. But I am not too worried. God provided for my language abilities here and I know He will continue to bless me where He is leading.

So anyway, I will be heading down to Okinawa at the end of August this year. I thank you all for your support and prayers during this amazing chapter of my ministry here in Tokyo. I look forward to continuing in service along with you all in this new and exciting chapter that is to come on the island of Okinawa. Please continue to pray for the country of Japan. That the seeds being planted by the believers here would yield a bountiful harvest through the work of the Holy Spirit here.

Yours in our Lord with all sincerity,
Alex J. Robinson ><>