Japan Newsletter- Jun 30

Dear friends,
I am so happy to be writting you all again. Within this all too brief month, God has been at work. People are being saved, ministries prospering, new stuff happening, the Spirit is speaking to the hearts of people... isn't God beautiful ^_^!!! I love Him so much. I love this place. The longer I stay here, the more deeply I fall in love with this country and these people. And the presence of God that I have felt here makes it home for me. But anyway, let's get down to it.

Firstly, praises. People have been coming to Jesus. God has been working in strange ways, and sometimes it doesn't make since, but it is awesome. In the counceling groups in the last month, three people that we have been praying for since I got here accepted Jesus. Also, pray for two kids from my sunday school who recently accepted Jesus as well. One is a regular at the class, and one was a visitor. Please pray that God would continually grow these precious hearts and they would live a life rooted in His love and mercy.

Also, HUGE PRAISES FROM SHINE KIDS ^_^!!!!!! As you know the last semester of shine kids in Setagaya ended this last month for a two week break. During those two weeks I went out into the community and to the schools, talked with mothers and children, handed out flyers, made friends with some local kids, etc. It was a really great time and was a real blessing to me. Then, I showed up for the day of the new semester, expecting only 2 children or so, and EIGHT SHOWED UP!!! WAAAAHOOOOOOO!!!! and then last week another TWO SHOWED UP!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!! God took the school from two to ten. Just awesome! Naturally be praying for the safe return of all of them to the school. Alot were coming for just a trial run. But God is faithful. Please also continue in prayer that God would use this school as a bridge to share His love with people.

Also thank you for praying for my friends in the church that have not yet come to Jesus. I have been seeing some very dynamic work in their lives recently. Honestly it has been absolutely amazing. God is really touching their heart and the changes that are happening in them are so visible. Please pray for the continued work of God within their lives and that they would come to Jesus as soon as possible. God has been teaching me patient love. BUT THEY NEED JESUS NOW!!!!

Also please be praying about my tuesdays. Up until now, my tuesdays have been entirely taken up by the Machida shine kids class. But the shine kids here in Machida is going on break until the end of august. So in the time between then and now, I am praying about what the best way would be to spend my tuesdays. I have been praying strongly about being involved in the Gospel Cafe. Some friends of mine from the church are going to be starting what they call "The Gospel Cafe". It is going to be a small cafe not too far from here that they want to use as a platform for outreach. I really like the idea and really want to be a part of it. So be praying about guidance for me please ^_^.

Anway, that's all from this end. God's awesome and does the coolest stuff ever in our lives. Jesus changes lives. Love effects the world in a real way. It's all good ^_~!

Much love to ya,

Alex J. Robinson ><>